Saturday, 18 Mordad 1399
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اطلاع رسانی به مسافران خطر غرق شدن
سال 99 جهش تولید
سد سفیدرود - سرریز نیلوفری سد
سد سفیدرود - منجیل
دریاچه سد سفیدرود
سد انحرافی پلرود استان گیلان
سد آیت الله بهجت (سد شهربیجار)

Basic information of water resources

The volume of world’s renewable water, 36100 billion cubic meters

The volume of Iran’s renewable water, 130 billion cubic meters

The volume of Guilan province’s renewable water, 9.2 billion cubic meters (6.9 billion cube meters of this amounts are available)

3.3 percent of Iran’s population lives in Guilan province while they have access to 7.1 percent of renewable water resources.

The average of world’s rainfall, 750 millimeters

The average of Iran’s rainfall, 250 millimeters

The average of Guilan province’s rainfall, 1061.5 millimeters (15-year average ending in 1392)

More than 75 to 80 percent of Guilan’s renewable water is underway in non-crop season.


    Submit Date: 2015-05-20
    Last Update: 2015-05-20