Saturday, 18 Mordad 1399
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اطلاع رسانی به مسافران خطر غرق شدن
سال 99 جهش تولید
سد سفیدرود - سرریز نیلوفری سد
سد سفیدرود - منجیل
دریاچه سد سفیدرود
سد انحرافی پلرود استان گیلان
سد آیت الله بهجت (سد شهربیجار)


   In our country, water, as a scarce economic resource has always had astonishing effects on historical events, social relations and the development of civilization. We know that apart from in-between year variations, average available water in each country and region is a constant and specified amount. Meanwhile, the demand for this item is increasing constantly. Therefore, the most fundamental issue of planning water resources is the establishment of a logical balance between these limited resources and their ever-increasing uses. In order to create such conformity, constructing multi-purpose storage dams with the main role of regulating river flows to meet environmental, agricultural, drinking and industrial needs, to generate hydroelectric energy and to control floods are the best suggested factors.

   Irrespective of controlling water, reducing its loss and increasing irrigation efficiency are also one of the main steps towards utilization of water resources and in this regard the use of modern irrigation systems with the decent use of water in the agriculture sector are among important economic factors. Along with using modern systems, exerting necessary controls for obtaining maximum efficiency should also be taken into consideration. Thus, in order to have the maximum efficiency of the constructed networks, maintenance of irrigation systems based on the basic design principles and the use of modern methods of irrigation are required.

   Therefore, in order to avoid water crisis, in addition to changing the approach of physical development of water providing capacities to allocation management and stable providing during the remaining years of the Fifth Development Plan, Guilan Regional Water company plans to follow and conclude infrastructure programs to reach the provincial development plan and water industry.



    Submit Date: 2015-05-09
    Last Update: 2016-02-23